Clubhouse Detectives (working title)

Story Type and Themes

MG Detective

Strong Female Lead, mystery, STEM, problem solving


The Clubhouse Detectives are famous in their neighborhood for solving even the most difficult of crimes. However after the case of Bubbles, the missing bear, went gone cold, the lead detective Anika is nervous to take on another case. But when Mia comes in after having her bike stolen Anika knows she must step up and help the other detectives solve the case. It’ll take a keen eye for detail, pen in analysis, foot print matching, digital forensics, and much more to solve this case.



    An outline has been developed that fully fleshes out the plot with major and sub plots

    18 April, 2023

  • 1st Draft

    An initial draft focused on getting the story written out

    11 June, 2023

  • 2nd Draft: Plot Work and Character Design

    A second draft focusing on fleshing out the plot and characters

    In Progress

  • 3rd Draft: Setting and World Building

    A third draft focusing on setting and world building

    To do

  • 4th Draft: Cleanup

    A fourth draft focused on page and line edits

    To do

Full time software dev, part time novelist

I earn a living as a software engineer, but spend every other waking moment writing the stories that I wish younger me had read.